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Much as a Sherpa leads mountaineers to their dream summits, Sherpify guides you to your dream career.

The Sherpify platform matches you with industry and academic mentors who provide focused, customized mentoring based on your career aspirations.

The Sherpify platform provides information about internships, projects, research and job opportunities.

Sherpify is founded by professionals with HR, Career Guidance, and C-level Management experience who have worked for some of the world's largest and most successful corporations.


  • Students
    • Academic and industry mentorships
    • Peer-Mentor relationship between students of the same and global institutions
    • Choose dream companies
    • Individual Growth Plan(IGP) to set learning and career objectives
    • Connections to leaders in dream companies
    • Webinars and training sessions
    • Information on interesting articles, books, research, events, competitions
    • Enhanced job readiness
    • Internship opportunities
    • Job opportunities
  • Institutions
    • Individual Growth Plan for each student
    • Clear understanding of student aspirations
    • Tracking and reporting of Academic/Industry Mentor interactions with students
    • Relationships with educational institutions in India and abroad
    • Interactions with Industry experts for course development and guest lectures
    • Robust Industry-Institution relationships
    • Extensive reporting for management and National Board of Accreditation
    • Private channel to communicate and send alerts to students and faculty
    • Active database of students seeking internship, project, and final placement opportunities
  • Organizations
    • Access to global student database based on their aspirations, specialization, year of study, region, type of opportunity they seek (Internships, contract engagement, Org study, final placements, etc.)
    • Communicate with students and colleges thru the platform to establish long term relationship and brand
    • Nurture and mentor the right candidates very early on in the academic career
    • Conduct surveys, webinars, assessments, tests and competitions
    • Ability to build and engage with a global talent pipeline
    • Participate in course development
    • Help deliver outcome-based education
    • Significant savings in the campus recruitment process


The Sherpify platform connects you to industry mentors, academic mentors, peer mentors using principles of Big Data technology. The system collects and harnesses vast amounts of data from structured and unstructured data sources using the patent pending Sherpify Aspiration Match -SAM™ engine.

The SAM™ engine provides:

  • Sherpify Automated Resume Generator(SARG)™
  • Webinars from Industry Mentors
  • Two-Way communication capability between mentors and mentees
  • Internship, Research and Job Opportunities
  • Mentor-Mentee Relationships
  • Individual Growth Plan(IGP)
  • Targeted Company Information
  • Personal access to 1000s of Global Organizations


Industry Mentors

Senior Executives from multiple organisations have signed up as Industry Mentors to assist and guide students to reach their dream careers. These Industry Mentors come from a wide range of industries and include organisations such as:

Contact Us

W :     E :     P : +91 9686611671

India Office : F-3, Ligoury Court, Victoria Layout, Bangalore 560047

US Office : Whitney Street, Northborough, MA-01532

Sherpify app is available on Google Play Store and coming soon to Apple App Store

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